On-Demand Automotive Training

Taylor Automotive Tech-Line is a premier automotive repair technical support service.

In recent years there's been a rapid increase in vehicle models and far too many options to know everything about all of them. That's why at TAT we understand that you and your technicians can't continue to do the same old school method of 2 hour training classes on one topic. You will never catch up much less get ahead of the increasing technology. Not to mention the lack of retention from outdated methods. With mLearning increasingly becoming the direction of auto repair training, we see and fill the need for training when you need it. Hybrid vehicles with regenerative brakes, electric vehicles, parking assist and more technologies will only increase in the coming years. At TAT we can provide you with the training as you need it. Learn as you go is the pace of today's technician. We believe that if we can give you the understanding of how something works you will repair vehicles quicker and better. Shortcuts to repairs are great but an understanding of complex systems at the time of the repair will make the future more profitable.

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Training Materials