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Please specify the information you want :examples: "I need the wiring diagram for AM/FM CD Cassette", "How do I remove and install my water pump?", "I need an exploded view of my tilt steering column", etc.  If requesting a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB), please provide the TSB number and date issued. Go to ALLDATA  or NHTSA (recalls only)  for a Free List of Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls.



Price for the Email, US Mail, and fax service is $3.50 for every two pages. If you choose to have the information sent by mail, the shipping and handling charge is $1.00 for every ten pages.

For live technical assistance Monday-Friday, 7AM-7PM CST call 1-800-636-6414. Cost for this service is $3.50 per minute. Have your ID number or if you are not a TAT member go to DIY Form or TAT Enrollment Form.

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