Vehicle How To Test Guide Training Manual
180 page Training Manual  

$57.95 + $7.00 S&H ($13.50 International)

The “Hands On” Reference

A guide for the professional vehicle technician.  Photos and illustrations show "How To" set the digital meter and where and "How To" place the meter probes to do effective troubleshooting when testing batteries, computer/modules, continuity, current paths, connections, switch contacts, fuses, fusible links, circuit breakers, generators (titleernators), relays, starters, and shared current paths (the vehicle base system). Voltage drop testing methods and other testing techniques are shown and explained.  Each test can be quickly located and used at the vehicle with this index beginning on page 6. This book was designed as an illustrated “hands on ready reference”. Its purpose is to save you time by giving you illustrated clear examples of the tests, while informing and helping you understand each test as you do them; and above all, to help you improve your electrical and electronic troubleshooting skills.

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ISBN 13: 978-1-4243-3752-1

Cost is $57.95 + $7.00 S&H ($13.50 International)

● Author: Joe Glassford ●  See “About Joe