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O.E. Factory Auto Repair Manuals on CD!

You've spent hours looking through all those edited aftermarket and reprints of fragile paper manuals just to realize the key information you need was left out!
That is why we rely on FACTORY ORIGINAL Ford, GM, and Chrysler manuals on CD-Rom.

The information on every CD-Rom is indexed and grouped according to type of work being performed by a custom designed program that operates in all versions of Windows. If you have Virtual PC software on your MAC our CD's will work. We us Adobe PDF fomat that allows you to easily zoom in on sections of a page allowing easy viewing of diagrams and pictures. You can also print a complete group or one particular page. With these manuals, you can be in the comfort of your home studying key information on your computer, then print specific pages needed before going out to the workshop.

We provide every manual required by the manufacturer for the specified make, model and year on a single CD. For example when working on a 1958-60 Chevrolet Car, there are eight separate paper manuals. All eight manuals come on one CD! You also receive a venders list, clubs, historical data such as key news events, entertainment and sports related to that time period.

What's available in CD Format? 

Here is an example of the CD for the
1958-60 Chevrolet Car.

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Please Note: All images that appear on this page are compressed to show the examples of CD's for your viewing.

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